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  • Maajid Nawaz discusses extremism in schools on BBC Newsnight


    In conversation with headteacher Ibrahim Hewitt, Quilliam Chairman Maajid Nawaz appears on BBC’s Newsnight to discuss how best we can counter extremism in schools and what should or should not be taught to children.

    Click here to watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer.

  • Maajid Nawaz talks to David Dimbleby on BBC Question Time

    Maajid Nawaz joins David Dimbleby for BBC Question Time with Theresa Villiers, Vernon Coaker, John O’ Dowd, Ian Paisley Jnr and  Peter Tatchell in Belfast. Watch here

  • Pre order RADICAL EBOOK now


    Maajid Nawaz’s critically acclaimed autobiography is now available to pre order as an Ebook. Click image to  order.

    Radical US FINAL COVERU.S. edition – With a new introduction and a new epilogue

  • Maajid Nawaz talks to CNNs Anderson cooper about missed opportunities and how we can target the signs of radicalisation.

    Watch Naajid Nawaz, Chairman of the Quilliam foundation talk about the signs of radicalisation  on Anderson coopers 360  here

  • Maajid Nawaz on UK BBC show ‘This Week’


    Click here to watch Maajid Nawaz on the BBCs ‘This Week’

    Maajid Nawaz joins Andrew Neil on ‘This Week’ to discuss his take on the motivations behind the Boston Bombings

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  • Quilliam Chairman Maajid Nawaz talks to Anderson Cooper of CNN.

    Click to see Maajid Nawaz reflect on the Boston terrorist attacks & how Jihadism has now become now a brandwith Anderson Cooper of the AC360 show

  • Maajid Nawaz speaks about journey from ‘extremism to democratic awakening’

    In his newly-published autobiography, “Radical: my journey from Islamist extremism to a democratic awakening”, Maajid Nawaz, chairman of the British counter-extremism think tank Quilliam Foundation, recounts his transformation from being a member of an extremist party to founding one of the world’s first counter-extremism organisations.

    Nawaz began as a member and leader in Hizb ut-Tahrir — a party calling for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate — then abandoned his radical ideas in an Egyptian prison before returning to Britain to combat the same ideology he had previously worked to spread.

    Al-Shorfa spoke to Nawaz about his personal journey and his views on al-Qaeda, the Taliban and extremism. (more…)

  • Saving a Revolution: Maajid Nawaz at TEDxBrighton

  • First Wednesday: Defending Islam and free speech with Maajid Nawaz at Frontline Club

  • Maajid Nawaz on BBC HARDTalk

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