• The Indian Express

    “What a life, what a compelling storyteller. In parts you’ll need to remind yourself that what reads like an engrossing, fast-paced, action-packed thriller…is in fact a real-life account.”

  • The Telegraph

    “Radical does a huge public service in exposing how Islamism works, how terribly far it has got, and how it can be countered.”

  • Dr Saad El-Dine Ibrahim, Egyptian liberal reform pioneer and former political prisoner

    Maajid Nawaz was thirty years my junior when I first encountered him in the Torah Prison. His story saddened but inspired me. His innocence and idealism sharply contrasted with the corruption and despotism of his captors. Through Maajid my faith… Read More »

  • Ed Husain, author of The Islamist

    This book is more powerful than America’s drone attacks because it helps kill the ideas that inspire terrorists. Ultimately, it is by defeating the extremists’ worldview that we will make our world safer. Maajid’s compelling story from hatred to hope… Read More »

  • Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK

    This book is the account of a redemptive journey through innocence, bigotry, hardline radicalism and beyond to a passionate advocacy of human rights and all that this can mean … I was moved beyond measure

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