Thank you for helping me raise funds to further the mission to prevent Islamist radicalisation and extremism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has harmed us all that are doing this work by mischaracterising me, a Muslim, and other reformers as “anti-Muslim extremists.”

Your assistance is needed urgently so that we may pursue legal action to correct the record and expand the message.

Fundraising update:

Phase 1 (Complete) required the raising of $25,000 for the preliminary legal analysis and with your very generous donations we have met this target! We can now confirm that we have instructed our lawyers to begin Phase 1.

Phase 2 requires the raising of a further $125,000 for the pleading and pleading challenge phase.

Your continuous support is needed.

What you can do to be part of the campaign:
1) Donate here
2) Send this message to all your family, friends, and colleagues asking for their support.
3) Spread word on social media by posting this message.